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Baines & Fricker(ベインズ&フリッカー)

Baines & Fricker(ベインズ&フリッカー)

Baines & FrickerはSteveとElizaの2人のカップルが立ち上げたデザインチーム。

Baines&Fricker are a husband and wife team who launched their design company at 100% Design in 2011.
Their Harris Tweed rocker was a Blueprint finalist for Best New Product.
Steve Baines has been a furniture maker for a number of years and Eliza Fricker has worked as an illustrator and screenprinter.
Their collaborating has come from a passion for long-lasting design, having gradually over the years made and acquired pieces for their own home.
They believe that things for the home should be worth keeping and use this ethos to create their pieces.

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