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英國 Studio DeSimoneWayland

英國 Studio DeSimoneWayland

設計師設計師Marcello 和Bruce合作組成的來自荷蘭的品牌『Studio DeSimoneWayland』。

代表作「The Dutch Sky Wallpaper」
就像名字里提到的一樣把「何蘭的天空(=Dutch Sky)」的照片拼起來以懷舊風加工的壁紙.
以清爽的藍天(Summer Blue)和飄蕩哀愁的暮空(Dusk Violet),煙霧般的阴天(Storm Grey) 3種式樣合併的壁紙,既適合背景牆也適用與整個屋子的牆面.


The "Dutch Sky" Wallpaper collection combines antique cloud prints and etchings with our own photography some of which include whimsical contemporary elements such as industrial cranes, wind socks and chimney tops, merging the art of the past with 21st Century eyes and technology.

The “Dutch Sky” collection’s different designs, each with a specific mood and colour combination complement any type of interior, both classic and contemporary and is perfect to be used as a feature wall, but also to cover a whole room.

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