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HIBOU HOME(イブ・ホーム)

HIBOU HOME(イブ・ホーム)


キッズ向けというとファンシーになりがちなところを、一味違ったデザインでモダンなキッズ ルームをつくります。

Here at Hibou Home, we believe in creating children’s wallpaper and fabric that’s not only inspiring and fun but looks fabulous too; designs with longevity that will co-ordinate beautifully with the rest of your home's interior style.
Our sophisticated collection of contemporary, designer wallpapers and fabrics are inspired by timeless themes children know and love.
Saturated in a refined colour palette of dusky, muted tones to bring kids rooms up to date, we’ve created cool, stylish designs perfect for children young and old.
Designed and made in England, our children’s wallpapers and fabrics boast exceptional quality that we know our customers adore.

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