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Abnormals Anonymous(アブノーマル・アノニモス)

Abnormals Anonymous(アブノーマル・アノニモス)

"abnormal" = 「異常な、変態的な」  "anonymous" = 「匿名、作者不明」

アバンギャルドなブランドネームでアバンギャルドな柄が魅力の"Abnotmal Anonymous アブノーマル・アノニマス"

To maintain anonymity we’ll call ourselves Henrietta and Paco.
We met in an elevator in Nashville, TN.
In the short descent through all three floors of our hotel, we discovered our common passion for design and lust for wallpapers.
We soon realized our mutual dream of designing our very own wallpaper collection.
Many moons later Abnormals Anonymous was born.

Paco picks the ugliest pumpkin in the patch and Henrietta could live off of lox and bagels.
We hope you enjoy our designs.
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