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Time To go Home

Time To go Home


來自德國的品牌Time To Go Home .以設計裝飾用品為主.
設計師Carsten Malz,開始對居住的空間出謀划策的時候,偶然想起壁紙是很重要的要素.之後以壁紙為主設計作品.

獨特的中心思想可以讓設計師設計出 像魚子醬罐頭/章魚 等有個性的空間.

gohome is a new brand for individual living.
The concept: There are always moments in life when it’s better to stay at home – no matter if it’s because it’s a rainy day or if the night before lasted a bit too long or the daily irritations of today’s world just get to be a bit too much.
For those days, we have created an exclusive number of high-quality speciality products to help you feel cosy at home.
Because we‘re right at the beginning and we think carefully about every single accessory we make available to our customers, at present, our collection is just limited to wallpapers.
But wallpaper is after all a very important element of home furnishings, as walls make up the biggest part of any room. And it’s quite exciting what’s coming next …

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