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Texdecor CASELIO(テックスデコ・カセリオ)

Texdecor CASELIO(テックスデコ・カセリオ)

フランスのTEXDECORグループ 圧倒的なデザイン力と優れたマーケティング力で流行を先取りし、

Caselio is a brand of the Texdecor company: An international publishing and luxury decorative products distributor, founded in 1974 in the north of France.
2004 was an important year for Texdecor: In that year all the employees celebrated the company's 30th birthday and witnessed the birth of a new brand: CASELIO.
In a few years Caselio has become a recognised brand, specialising in wallpaper, accessories and coordinate.

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